Monday, April 11, 2011

Tulip Festival 2011

Look at my new stroller! Anna L sits in the wooden clogs at the entrance to the 2011 Tulip Festival. The festival goes all the way to May 1st and they except 20,000 to 30,000 people to come out this April. So head on down! You won't be disappointed.

I GOT THIS! Ryan T has a look of determination as he attempts to stay on the mechanical bull as it begins to move faster. He stayed on for a whopping 45 seconds, but to him this was a huge accomplishment.

Amita K enjoys the sereneness the tulips provide for her. "I look forward to this festival every year, it provides an escape for me. Whenever I come here I just feel so relaxed." She explains to me after I ask why she decided to come today.

The gorgeous assortment of colors of tulips is what makes the festival so popular. This weekend the tulips were only 15% in bloom. In the following weeks the flowers should be at there usual percentage of bloom for this time of the year, which is 50%.

Mother Tracy O and daughter Thia enjoy the tulips as well as the warm weather. Tracy seems to be enjoying the warm weather a fair amount as she used it as an excuse to whip out the ol' summer dress.

Caitlin C (resident of Bellevue Washinton) poses for a picture taken by Kenneth O. Most people come to the Tulip Festival for the beautiful views as well as the picture opportunities. "I want to move to Woodburn now! Well at least live here in the spring time." says Caitlin as she explains to me how much she admires the beauty.

The Wooden Shoe Farm is known for its Dutch accents all around the area. Such as, its big windmill and its wooden clogs.

Wilsonville resident Jane P enjoys the long open areas where she is free to run around and play. "This is a win win for the both of us! Because she is allowed to release pent up energy from the long car ride here!" The mother Karen P tells me as she watches her daughter run circles all around.

OW! Kenneth O decided to ride one of the many slides and as you can see regretted it at the end. "I don't think anything has ever hurt my butt more in my life" exclaims Kenneth when he gets off the slide.

Go duck go! Local residents Teri Hersch (grandmother) and Brad H (son) used the water pumps to push the rubber duck down the ramp. This was one of the many free attractions at the Tulip Festival, this one was particularly popular with the children.

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Day In The Life

Kenneth and Gabe make funny faces at the camera after Gabe is put back into bed. "Gabe has always been the kind of person who could stay positive through any situation" says his mother, as one can clearly see through this photo.

Gabe shows his distaste he has for the balloon that, fellow student, Kenneth and I brought him in the hospital.

Throughout the day Gabe is moved into a seating position by the nurses to keep the blood circulation changes consistent, and also for the enjoyment of Gabe. "I hate how I have to lie down all day, before I would have loved to lie in bed all day. But now it is just the worst!"

Gabe as you can see has been able to keep high hopes throughout his recovery as you can see when he makes a funny face at the camera. He has the full support of family and friends through his recovery stage, they are hoping for him to be able to move out of the hospital within the next few months.

Gabriel K looks at his doctor as he begins to adjust his ventilator. Gabe is in the hospital due to a snowboarding accident where he broke his fifth vertebrae.